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About Jack

Jack was born in the Essex town of Colchester, on 28th December 2003 with a sizeable hole in his heart. Due to this heart defect he came close to death on many occasions. However surgical procedures over the next two years corrected this, leaving him with a leaking heart valve that is regularly checked on. This was followed by the diagnosis of a form of genetic arthritis in every joint in his body, causing pain and discomfort all the time as well as a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome.

All these things weighed against him and he knew it. But that didn’t stop him enjoying things. At the age of 4 he started to develop a fantastic sense of humour, and he enjoyed telling people he got the scar on his chest when he bit a Great White shark to death.

He used to sit with his dad and watch Formula 1 on TV as a toddler. This interest grew immensely when he used to sit on his dad’s lap and steer the wheel helping to park the car on the driveway at home, when he was three and a half. Around this time his parents got divorced and this just threw Jack and his father closer together. So when they had time as father and son, his dad indulged his need to drive vehicles, such as karts and quad bikes.

Jack was always the smallest kid of his age group and struggled to compete in sports at school due to his arthritic condition, but he always had a drive to compete on an equal level and to win. So he took to karting with an enthusiasm that is rarely seen. It wasn’t just a need to compete and win, but also to show that people all over the world with disabilities, are not to be written off in life. When you try hard and keep pushing yourself, you can be the best of the best in-spite of your disabilities. So as Papa Roach say – Face Everything And Rise – F.E.A.R.

Competing in a dangerous sport does have its risks that are only too obvious. After some spins and sudden accidents, he still has the desire to win and outperform the best to prove, that a disability is not only a barrier to overcome, but also proof that an individual with a disability can be better than the best.

At age 5 he started winning, but he couldn't even reach the pedals.


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