Third Meeting 11th June 2017

Today’s racing started with Jack in a relaxed mood and ready to take on the others. In the previous week’s practice sessions he had achieved a personal best time, so he was sure he had the ability to run with the best.

In qualifying Jack managed to achieve second. He was just 0.03 seconds off pole. Such a small amount of time. But it meant he was on the front row of the grid for the start of the first race. After a secure start Jack managed to keep in second place and stay there. This was a solid start to the meeting and his confidence grew. So when the second race was getting ready to start, and the grid positions being chosen at random, the fact that he was put to the back of the grid didn’t phase him at all. He just got stuck into the process of trying to work his way up the field. He finished a strong third after putting on a good show of chasing down the leaders. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time in the race to properly catch them. The third race was much the same. A strong performance from the back row of the grid, but once again a strong third to finish.

The last race saw him again being picked to start on the back row, but this time he made a much improved start and made a place on the first lap. As the race went on, the competition was tight and Jack was banged from behind, but he kept his cool and continued to chase the leaders. He managed to work his way up to second position, when an unfortunate crash meant the red lights came on. Once things were cleared there was no more time left to promote himself further, but a brilliant finish for such a small lad. The crash resulted in nobody being hurt, but just a little shaken.

After such a competitive morning, albeit without a win, he was still smiling and happy, knowing that he had given the races the ten tenths that he always tries to give. This in looking promising for a good result at the end of the championship in October.

You did a great Job, and everyone who supports you is very proud of you, and now second in the Championship chase. What a hero over coming all those disabilities.