Fourth Meeting 9th July 2017

Jack was very relaxed and calm the morning of the meeting, to the point where he would almost have been late for registration. But he was on time and on form.

Qualifying was a tense time as the lap times were dropping and getting quicker all the time, but Jack managed to win through and take pole position for the first race.

At the start of the first race Jack lead from the start and gradually left the rest of the field behind as he ran to the finish line in a very commanding way. The second race saw a lot more excitement. Jack was 5th on the grid, but he managed to make a lightning start and outrun everyone to the first corner. There was a couple of moments when everyone was getting very close and occasionally, everyone slightly bumped other drivers, but they all got through the first corner and tunnel safely. After which Jack gradually stretched out a lead and kept it. So 2 for 2.

Unfortunately the 3rd race wasn’t as successful. A strong start to begin with, but as he was making a move for position he was pushed for space after he started his manoeuvre, so an unavoidable touch with a competitor meant he was out of the race. Such a shame after a strong start.

The fourth race was a lot tighter. After starting as well as he could he finished 4th. There wasn’t much room for anyone to overtake, but the race was a more competitive and tight situation where everyone was racing so close. However, he did collect the bonus point for fastest lap of the meeting on top of 2 wins and a fourth.


So the the upshot is he’s only 1 point short of the 2 drivers in the lead. The lad is a hero.