Fifth Meeting 13th August 2017

There was a small field of drivers this weekend, probably some kids on holiday with their families. But that didn’t keep Jack from putting on a great show, as usual. He was also being supported by a friend from school called Skye.

During qualification he found it hard to find some space to get a good run, but with just 2 laps to go he managed to take pole position by 3 hundredths of a second.

The first race was a text book run. Start from pole and lead to the finish of the race. All the time gradually stretching out his lead. This was the start of a very successful day at the track.

The second was a similar situation. However this is when the drivers are given random grid positions for the start. Jack was given fourth, but had a good start and managed to find his way to the lead again. He then set about gradually giving himself a decent lead. This was just as well, because soon after he got in front the three drivers immediately behind him all came together, and it very nearly ended in tears for all concerned.

The third race was not so exciting for Jack. He started fourth and managed to finish third. But in spite of his frustration at being stuck, he kept the drive clean and consolidated a great finish showing a lot of maturity.

The last race was more a celebration of how happy he was with such a great performance. He started fourth and managed to get to the lead in the first 4 laps. Then he just ran away with it to the end. The smile on his face as he got out of the kart showed how pleased he was when he also realised he’d got the bonus point for the fastest lap of the meeting as well.

Jack now leads the championship by 4 points with just 2 meetings remaining. It’s still a battle for the title, but we all know Jacksta is going to give it everything to win the honour of lifting that trophy.