Sixth Meeting 10th September 2017

Today’s meeting started with Jack in a very serious mood. He knows he is leading the championship, but only by 4 points. Anything could happen if he makes a mistake. So, instead of going into qualification trying to get the pole for the first race and seeing where the limit is of the kart, he went into it very maturely and deliberately left himself a lot of space so he knew he could get a good free run to get a strong fast time. This paid dividends and he managed pole position by over 4 tenths of a second. So we are set for a start from pole position.

At the start of the first race he went off at the front and stretched out a good lead. But instead of just going faster and faster, he made sure that he had banked at least one win of the meeting to start the day with some decent points. The following 3 races have a random grid placing, so he was relegated to the last place on the second race. However, a strong start and a defensive race saw him finish 5th. The third race saw him start in position 5 on the grid. He had another strong start making another position, but Jack was strongly pushed by new comer Bobby Chapman. Bobby is a newcomer to the novice championship who seems to be turning a lot of heads. Jack managed to get pass Bobby to take third, but it did take more than half the race to make it stick. It was a great challenge for both of the drivers who were both smiling and also very happy with the performance they both gave by challenging each other. In fact, Jack himself admitted that he did find it hard to get pass the young newcomer, but he looks forward to the challenge in the future.

In the last race of the morning Jack was placed second on the grid. Being slightly back and off the racing line is never something that phases him. This race was a demonstration of just how fast Jack can be when given a free run to challenge himself. He took the lead at the first corner and managed to stretch out a lead of nearly half a lap before the end. Until this race jack had not managed to get the bonus point for the fastest lap, but he made sure he got that extra point on this race. He now leads the championship by 8 clear points with one meeting to go. For a disabled driver in his first ever competition he is looking very promising.