Seventh Meeting 8th October 2017

When Jack and I had breakfast there was a tension that hadn’t been there before. Jack knew he was going to have to perform well today, but also realised that he had to just be controlled and calm to consolidate his lead. However, he wasn’t going to take anything for granted. He wanted this championship so much and he didn’t want to do anything that put it at risk.


During qualification he very maturely let the rest of the pack go and wait for a good gap before he did his qualifying run. Not only did he take pole position for the first race, but he also got the lap record for the class. So he was already scoring a point before the racing started – fastest lap of the day, again. That’s 5 out of a possible 7 bonus points over the whole championship.


The first race was text book. He took the lead from the start and never let it go, gradually stretching out a lead to the rest of the field. However, the second race found be starting from the back. As he wasn’t taking any risks he unfortunately got blocked out and, uncharacteristically had to settle for 6th, but always kept his main rivals in sight.  Just in case!


After some confusion in the third race leading to a coming together and therefore not finishing, the last race saw a resilient Jack more determined to make the day his. So he went out and drove a great race to finish 2nd. During all these races he was calculating his position in the championship the make sure he did what was needed to bring the trophy home.


The season was full of hard work, practice and sheer determination, but it had the desired effect. Jack is the 2017 Anglia Indoor Kart Champion. He drove well, fast and brilliantly every time, while going through the physical caused by his arthritis. So well done Jacksta. It’s a championship well worked for genuinely deserved. We are going to do all we can to move up. What A HERO !!!

First of many champagne celebrations to come.

Well done Jack. 

2017 Anglia Indoor Kart Champion.