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Autosport International Show, NEC. 11 January2020.
Met this guy today. The Hero known as Johnny Herbert. I think my Dad was a little dumb struck. But he is one of my Dad's biggest hero's and a South London Guy.
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An amazing 2019 Season.


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From birth Jack has been fighting against the prejudice of people towards his disabilities, complicated procedures and red tape by the way public organisations are run regarding health and education, physical and emotional pain caused by his disabilities and the breakup of his parents and he has even beaten death in the early part of his life concerning his heart issues, but the heart has now thankfully, been repaired. However, he keeps fighting on and trying to push the limits in every sense.


Like all young adults Jack has a dream of his future. He wants to achieve something great in his life and prove that in spite of the issues that he faces he is still a true Power House of determination and drive. He doesn’t just want to be a champion race driver, he also dreams of helping children in similar situations to himself and has a genuine empathy with the homeless and wants to help put an end to this problem. So, despite his heart being almost fatally damaged from birth, it is still a big heart that cares. So he continues to push forward with his long term goals to prove ‘Disabled people shouldn’t be written off’ and to show people ‘a bit of care will come back to you’.


He continues to train by practicing Krav Maga and Boxing to keep in shape, so he has an incredible fitness level. This determination has paid off in a big way and he has enjoyed his best season so far. Jack has competed in 12 incredibly competitive races this season and the results prove a fantastic year and incredible talent.


Ellough Park Junior Championship:

He has had 5 x wins, 2 x 2nd places and a 5th. This has also clinched him the Championship title as well. The presentation of the Championship trophy will be on 4 January 2020.

Ellough Park Iron Man Race:

A very strong 2nd in conditions where there was almost too much rain and standing water for the entire duration of the race.

Daytona Kart Circuit Sandown:

3 Hour endurance race where the team finished a commanding 2nd place.

34 competitors with Team – Racing With Autism.

Daytona Kart Circuit Milton Keynes:

6 Hour Endurance race where the team finished 2nd only 8 seconds away from the lead.

34 competitors with Team – Racing With Autism.

Buckmore Park:

6 Hour Endurance race where the team finished 6th.

35 competitors with Team – Racing With Autism.


These are quite amazing results as I’m sure you will agree. He has also gained his second motor racing championship title in three years of competition. All of this has managed to get his talents noticed by possibly the top team in the country and he is in negotiations to compete for Team Jade Karting in the 2020 season. He has also had articles in the press several times this year and has been interviewed on BBC Radio. So please continue to follow Jack and his motor sport exploits as he continues to challenge views and ideals concerning disability. This young man is a true fighter.


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Trial with Jade Kart Racing at Shenington. A fantastic and successful day.16th November 2019.
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Meeting the hero and legend that is Martin Donnelly. Snetterton 5th April 2018.
Snetterton 14th and 15th October 2017.

Jack was invited by Hybrid Tune for the final weekend of the Mini Challenge Championship. The team managed a perfect 6 wins out of 6. Massive thanks to Stuart and Karen Mclaren for the invite and showing what proper team work is all about. A great crowd of wonderful people.

Friday 22nd September 2017.

An early evening run for fun at Ellough Park Race Way near Beccles. A bit of outdoor running of the new karts they have recently had delivered.

It’s a good track and, as expected, Jack was faster than the bigger lads in the more powerful karts. It’s just made him want to race more and go faster.

Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Invited to attend Fulbeck Kart Circuit near Grantham. Jack was a guest of the Army Air Corps (AAC) kart racing team. This was a real eye opener and it was great to see the usual friendly interest between the teams and all hands working together. The good times and people having fun and loving the sport. He was surrounded by a great team who enjoy everything about this sport. This is the trip that showed him that no matter what happens in this business, you will have fun. It has heightened his quest for speed.

Thanks for making him feel so welcome and presenting him with gifts. He is so proud of everything, but especially the coat.

Saturday 23rd September 2017.

Invited to World Championship as a guest of Chiesa Corsa race team, supported by Alex Zanardi. This is where he met the reigning European Champion Danny Keirle. Danny gave Jack the gloves he wore when he won the European Championship, and the team made him feel most welcome. Danny then went on to become the outright World Champion that very weekend. A very talented young driver. Watch out for his name in the future.

Sunday 24th September 2017.

After the usual Sunday morning practice at the club. Jack was also invited to be a guest of Paul Cook racing in the Mini Super Twos at Spedeworth Motorsport in Great Yarmouth. What a hero this guy is. He sat jack in the car and even added his name to the roof of the car, #JACKSTA.

This was the final and Championship decider of the season. So Paul took it upon himself to organise Jack awarding the trophies for the race. He was even riding in the pace car with the chequered flag. You made him feel really honoured and we will be coming to see you race again. Thanks.

The Hovercraft Experience!

The Hovercraft Experience at Perranporth Air field, Cornwall. The only issue with doing this was that I wasn't big enough to steer the thing. But Mick the instructor was so great. I had such a great time. I highly recommend giving it a go. 24th August 2017.

A day at Brands Hatch

A spin around the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit with the incredibly talented and experienced race driver Mr Wil Arif. Thanks Wil, it was the most fun ever. 24th July 2017,