First Meeting 9th April 2017

The first day of the Championship started today with Jack as the least experienced driver, but that didn’t deter him at all. He gave everything he had to give and turned a lot of heads in the process. The day consisted of one practice session and 4 individual races. The practice session was the decider of the drivers place on the grid for the first race. The result of the first race decided the grid position on the second race, and the last two races had a random start position. Not once did Jack get a pole position start, but he made sure he finished the meeting as the winner for the last race. It was great to watch this small disabled kid compete with the top runners and not be intimidated in any way.

The first two races he finished in second place gaining a total of 16 points. The third race he seemed somewhat disappointed to finish third to a total of 22 points. So with a lot of determination he started the last race second on the grid. But a good start meant he took the lead and never let anyone take it from him, gaining 10 points and a lot of respect.

There is also a single point for the fastest lap of the day which he managed to hang onto until the last race when his personal best of 19.588 seconds was beaten on the last race. The fastest time of the day was 19.502.

After the first meeting he is in third position on 32 points. The driver in second is on 33 points. The extra point being the fastest lap, and the leader is on 36 points. A BRILLIANT START!

So it’s straight to more practice and push forward to go even faster. Please share this link with as many people as you like. The extra support is always going to help.

Here are some pictures and action from the day: